PIKA detection kits are available for all real-time PCR thermocyclers in tube and microtiter plate format. They contain primers and probes ready-dosed and dried in the PCR tubes. Therefore, they are extremely robust in use and temperature stable. The shipment takes place uncooled, not in styrofoam boxes, but packed in cardboard. Freeze and thaw cycles are not necessary – just store the kits in your refrigerator for up to a year.

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PIKA FastOrange® media are optimized for routine analysis and process control in beer and wine production. The sample is simply mixed with liquid medium or spread on an agar plate. After incubation, a color change is used to evaluate whether the sample was contaminated. FastOrange® can also be used for PCR pre-enrichment – each batch is certified for PCR analysis.

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Quality First – every single yeast from our HefeFarm® is cultivated with care and checked for purity with PCR analysis. We believe that a brewer should not breed yeast, but produce beer: Compared to conventional yeasts, you can use our highly active yeasts from the HefeFarm® with significantly lower cell counts – give it a try!

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All about microbiology and beverage analytics

We cover all fields of microbiology for the brewery and beverage industry. As a customer of PIKA Weihenstephan, you can either carry out your own analyzes with the innovative and easy-to-use products from the PIKA portfolio or commission us with the examinations. Or you choose a combination of both possibilities. In any case, we offer you comprehensive and individual services around the beverage analysis and work fast and reliable.

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