PIKA FastOrange® B Bouillon

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With PIKA FastOrange® B Bouillon, all process samples can be equally analyzed with one single and simple method, following the one-for-all principle.

If acid producing beer spoilers are present, these are easily detected by a yellow color change and haze formation in the enrichment. The typical beer spoiling bacteria, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus as well as the anaerobic bacteria Megasphaera and Pectinatus, are detected.

Content: 12 x 240 mL in glass bottles


The sample is mixed with FastOrange®B Bouillon and incubated at ambient temperature. In case beer spoilers are present, they show up in the enrichment by a color change from violet to yellow accompanied by haze formation.

FastOrange®B is available in user friendly single use pre-filled 5 mL B Tubes or 50 mL Enrichment Bottles, or in 240 mL glass bottles for preparation of your own enrichment flasks.

PIKA FastOrange® B is intended for

  •  Microbiological monitoring
  • Troubleshooting und tracing of a contamination source
  • Detection of weak spots and contamination risks
  • Product release based on microbiology data
  • Valuation of microbial stability / shelf life determination

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