4everyone Detection Kit B Lactobacillus lindneri

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Specific detection of Lactobacillus lindneri.

Each kit contains all buffers for sample preparation (isolation of DNA) and primers and probes for real time PCR which come ready to use dried in the PCR tubes.

Format: Clear 100 µL PCR tubes in strips of 8

Content: Material for 48 DNA isolations and 48 real time PCR tests


4everyone Detection Kit B Lactobacillus lindneri.

For the detection of the beer spoiling species Lactobacillus lindneri, a beer spoiler wich often cannot be separated by filtration due to its small cell size. It often takes weeks in finished beer until sudden proliferation occurs over night. A contamination with L. lindneri leads to haze formation, often without noticeable souring, therefore it is not a threat to hazy beers but only to filtered beer styles. The optimal growth temperature of L. lindneri is 19 °C which is lower than for most other lactic acid bacteria, and it often does not even grow at temperatures of 25 °C and higher. Therefore it is important to do enrichments for beer spoilers at temperatures below 30 °C.

Each kit contains all buffers for the analysis of liquid samples or colonies (DNA isolation), and additionally all reagents including primers and probes for real time PCR which are ready-made dried into the PCR tubes.

4everyone Detection Kits can be used in most real time PCR thermocyclers made for 0.1 mL PCR tubes. They are optimized for the Chai™ Open qPCR thermocycler which allows automated PCR analysis down to the final analysis of results, guided by the software which comes on board. There is no need to read-out any curves or lines manually. After the analysis has finished, the outcome is shown in a table format direct as positive or negative test result, even giving a quantification of positives in numbers (as Cq values).

If you are using a real time thermocycler with a different format, we have further kit product lines available (SO Detection Kits with 100 µL and TM Detection Kits with 200 µL PCR tubes, both for measurement from top through the cap) – please inquire. A compatibility list of different thermocyclers and recommended Detection Kit formats is shown here. As all kits include an internal inhibition control reaction besides the detection of the target microorganism, a 2 channel real time PCR thermocycler is needed (FAM and HEX/VIC).

4everyone Detection Kits are for research use in vitro only.

You can find data sheets and user manuals here.

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