Fresh Yeast for Immediate Use

Our YeastFarm delivers fresh and sterile pure yeasts out from their propagation phase. Your major advantage: These yeasts can be used at lower cell concentrations than “old” yeast coming from the stationary phase. You can adjust the yeast dosage to your individual production cycle and not the other way round. We are also delighted to safely store your proprietary brewing yeast strains in our HefeSafe.

The PIKA Approach

Conventional yeast banks are propagating their yeast and then let them settle until they are inactive. Then the yeast is shipped in its resting phase. This means for you as a brewer: You have to wait until the yeasts “wake up” and start proliferation. We have developed a better method and ship the yeast in the proliferation phase – for its protection with overnight express and cooled, of course. Your advantage: The yeast can be transferred direct into the wort and starts its proliferation immediately without any delay.

Quality comes first: The HefeFarm

As a customer of PIKA you always receive fresh and sterile pure yeast with a guaranteed viability of more than 95 %. Of course all yeasts are PCR tested and free of other microorganisms. Because for us quality always comes first.

Delivery the Fastest Way

The most frequently used yeasts 34/70 (lager yeast) and 68 (Weissbier yeast) are always fresh on stock, their delivery is possible within 1-3 days. The other yeasts from our vast selection are delivered within 5-7 work days  at the date you request.

Our Service for Users

You can safely place your yeast strains in storage with us and get deliveries at any time you want. We deliver our liquid yeasts in single use packaging Bag-in-Box. If you want to have your yeast microbiologically examined or purified, we are happy to take care of it.

Pure Yeast from the HefeFarm – always Fresh and Sterile

Whether top or bottom fermenting: Our yeast farm delivers all types of brewer’s yeast. After determination of their viability, all yeasts are tested for microbiological purity and show a minimum of > 95% live cells. After the determination of cell concentration and purity check with PCR they are fresh delivered to you together with a quality certificate. And this within only a few days, even through the weekend: Call us on a Friday and the yeast will be already on Tuesday at your brewery, ready for immediate use.

HefeSafe – Perfect Storage for your Yeasts

Do you have proprietary yeast strains which you want to store in a safe place? There is no better way than storage in PIKA’s HefeSafe. We professionally place your yeast in storage and keep continuously fresh cultures for you. Any time you need a strain, we deliver your yeast as a liquid starter culture or an agar slant, of course within short time. And to really avoid any risk, your yeast even is fully insured in the HefeSafe. One out of numerous service features which are making us especially outstanding …

Further PIKA Products and Services

Competence in microbiology with a broad background: The innovative products from PIKA are derived from applications of our own in-house analytics and services for producers. All our products from the whole portfolio are perfectly matched. PIKA products are outstanding in easy handling and extreme reliability, our services in short processing time and top quality at affordable prices.

FastOrange Enrichment Media

Developed by us to avoid microbiological damage of beer and many other beverages: PIKA FastOrange can be used by every brewer and every beverage producer for routine  control throughout the whole process line. FastOrange is available in different varieties, according to the capabilities and equipment of your own lab.

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Microbiology Analyses

We are fast and competent in doing routine analyses as enrichments, determination of colony counts and the differentiation of microorganisms – service and quality are most important for us. Of course we respond to your requirements and always deliver prompt and reliable results – if necessary, even through weekends.

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DNA Analyses with PCR

Spoilt product or positive enrichments are further discriminated – fast and specific by PCR analyses the same day as the samples are received. We further identify unknown bacteria, yeasts or molds from product or the production area within 3 to 5 days by DNA sequencing.

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Broad Process Consultancy

Our work does not end at the analysis result, we further advise you how to deal with a contamination and propose the next steps to minimize the risk for further batches in your production line. You can also count on us when optimizing your routine quality control measures.

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